Caring For Our Lakes And Ponds

The world is filled with a lot of natural beauty.  Dotted across our landscape are lakes, ponds, rivers, streams and other natural and manmade bodies of water.  These bodies of water are home for countless numbers of animal species from simple allege to the more complex amphibians, fish, birds and mammals.  With all of this natural beauty the act of aquatic weed control needs to be performed. 

Like the yards in our homes weeds and tall grasses will quickly grow and take over the environment.  When this happens the wildlife that rely on these grasses will quickly over run the natural balance of nature forcing others out.  This is why weed control in ponds and lakes is a vital component to the overall health of our environments.

aquatic weed control

The process is fairly simple.  Those who work controlling the weeds will come to a lake with dredging machines.  The machines will cut or remove large masses of the overgrown grasses.  For the dead matter left behind natural bacteria is used to help biodegrade the roots of the weeds allowing them to die off naturally.

The process of aquatic weed control is a much needed one for our environment.  If the weeds are not controlled greater environmental impact to our water supplies will become apparent.  The natural wildlife in the area will move on or become more prominent, the human habitats will become overrun with bugs, small rodents and much more. 

When working with the environment a delicate touch is needed.  If too much aquatic weed control is used then the balance can be destroyed causing the water to be contaminated.  If too little is used the balance will have the opposite effect and the problem set out to control originally will become uncontrollable.

This is where experience and training will play a major part in the health and wellness of our lakes, rivers, ponds and streams.