Packing Up And Moving On

When life changes and we need to go with it, it typically means ha we need to move.  This can be a good move for a new job, going off to school or moving closer to friends and family.  It can also be a bad move such as packing up after the death of a loved one, divorce or needing to downsize.  No matter what the reason or destination, finding a moving company union city will help make the process that much easier.

Packing yourself

When planning a move most people will decide to pack themselves.  This involves boxes, packing material and time and energy to ensure everything fits in a box and doesn’t break.  Hiring professionals to assist you with this can take away a lot of stress.

Utilities and essentials

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When moving it is important that you deal with the utilities and essentials as quickly as possible.  When moving into your new place make sure that you have power, water and other essentials like cable and internet installed and ready to go.  You will also want to make sure that these are still working at your old place.  If they are off at your old place then moving becomes that more difficult, if they are off in your destination then it will be rough living conditions until they are activated.

Your first week plan

When moving into your new home the last thing you want to do is unpack.  This is why having a plan for your first week is important.  One way to accomplish this is to have a priority box.  In this box you will have the essentials needed to manage the first week n your new place.  It should have cooking utensils, toilet paper, clothing, canned goods and miscellaneous items that we use on a regular basis.